Preventative maintenance can help minimise the risk of damage to your PC:

As part of this service, we replace the Thermal Interface Material applied to the Processor and Graphics card along with cleaning out the dust buildup from your PC.

This will reduce the operating temperature of your PC and prolong its lifespan.

It makes sure your PC is running up to date and as it should.



Why should we be the ones to check your PC? Well here’s just a couple of reasons!

  • Quick Turnaround time

You shouldn’t have to wait for weeks for your machine to get checked and maintained. We aim to get it done within 48 hours.

  • Free Return-Shipping

We understand the struggle of long-distance, it’s not fun! You want to have us work on your PC, but we’re just ages away :(
There’s a simple solution, mail-in repairs and repairs. Ship up your PC with DPD (For as little as £5) then we will provide the same quick, professional service and TLC to your PC and then when it’s time for your computer to go home, we will cover postage and packaging costs for getting it to your closest DPD Pickup shop.


  • Flat Rate Pricing

Hourly rates feel a bit outdated to us. You’re paying someone a fortune each hour as they take their time to solve a simple issue, that’s costing you money and time! We don’t bother with that mess.
Our solution? Flat rate pricing. Tell us the job, we tell you the price. Whether it takes us an hour or a day to complete your job you’ll pay the same quoted price to complete the job as described. You end up paying less overall, and there’s none of the time-wasting you see with hourly rate work!

If you’d like to speak to us before going ahead with any work then that’s no problem! Just fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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