We're changing!

New Website, Our first retail store, and some other interesting changes.

Empty box to Epic store

The first and most important change that we are making is our relocation, we will be moving into a new unit which will allow us to achieve a couple of things.

It's time for retail.

First off we will be offering a proper retail experience to our customers, allowing you to come and visit us in-store, ask for advice and check out what we have to offer!

We will be offering in-store only deals, promotions and having our latest products available for same-day collection.

New Features

With this extra space, we have the opportunity to expand our team, with the most exciting hire being our new Lead Systems Developer. This change will allow us to offer new features and experiences to you, and help improve our in-store efficiency.

What does this mean for you?
Cool new tech, easier shopping experiences, and a faster, more refined service from us.

More products, better service.

This extra space will allow us to expand into new product categories, offering our high standard of customer service in new markets, and this will be reflected in what products are on our website.

Service offerings

We will be redefining our repair, upgrade, and maintenance services, along with releasing some new offerings in the near future!
Our goal with this is to support you from pre-purchase to the end of life for all of your tech, making sure that you’ve got the support, advice, and help needed at all times.

Repairs & Maintenance

With our increased staff team comes decreased wait times.
We will be putting a focus on reducing our repair and maintenance turnaround time, with the goal of having as many jobs completed same-day as possible! Drop off a broken computer in the morning, collect a happy, functioning computer in the evening.

We will be expanding our free shipping offer during this time, covering more Postcodes and more product categories (which includes free return shipping on all mail-in repairs, upgrades & service jobs!)

Time for an upgrade?

Imagine this:
You’re sitting, waiting for GTA V, Half-life 3, or Cyberpunk 2077 to start up.
What feels like an eternity later you’re in-game. It’s beautiful, it’s everything you hoped it would be, Except for the frame rate.

Face it, your old computer served you well, but it’s time for a bit of an upgrade.
Whether you’re after some more RAM or a full platform upgrade we can help!
Get in touch or come in-store, we will be able to walk you through what upgrades make the most sense for your build and get you the best performance increase for your money. With our increased in-store product offerings we will likely be able to have your machine upgraded while you wait.

We need to adapt.

With the impact of the virus we will be required to make appropriate changes to keep staff and customers safe, to that end we are changing up how we do a couple of things. 

Contact-free collection – Place an order on our website for a contact-free collection, when you show up just fill out a short form, pop open your boot and we will place your items in the boot and close it over for you. A perfect solution for those minimizing contact or who just hate social interaction (that’s fine too!)

That’s not the only
way we are helping to reduce the impact of the virus, click “Read More” to, well, Read More about what we are doing to keep helping you while keeping everyone safe.




Custom Built Computers

Customization is brilliant. It allows you to get the perfect computer, designed around what you will be using it for, what features you need and what style you like. That is why we will be offering a few new shopping experiences to help you get a proper custom-built computer. This is still under development but keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon!

You can keep your eyes peeled on our pageClick me, I dare you.

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